• Water Softening.
• Water Filtration.
• Water Sterilization.
• Water Demineralization.

Softeners, sand filters, activated carbon filters, chemical dosing pumps, ultraviolet units and cartidge filters.
The need for soft water is highly recognized where the scaling problem deteriorates the mechanical networks, boilers, chillers, and laundries.
Also, we have the adequate solutions for the specific problems or needs for each installation.
The Qquality of water is reformed and enhanced to serve the need of domestic and potable use, though a wide range of products.
• Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis.
• Sea Water Reverse Osmosis.
Brackish and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis plants where very high quality product water is desired to meet different requirements.

The highest quality components are used in every unit in our wide range of products.

Capacity Ranges between 1 m3/day to 5000 m3/day. Where we can provide standard R.O. units, or tailor - made units designed to meet the customer need, along with the required pretreatment, as well as post treatment.
• Submersible Pumps.
• Clear water Booster Pumps.
WaterFrame S.A.L can deliver the widest range of products consisting of deep well submersible pumps, waste water submersible pumps, single and multistage centrifugal pumps, circulator pumps, as well as all sizes of boosting systems with frequency converters. Our engineers are always there to study, design and install any type of pumping system you may need.

Look around you, and you will see how contractors are going faster and faster in building skyscrapers, bridges and constructions, you will also notice the use of PRE-CASTED CONCRETE PARTS that aims to minimize the intervention time at site.

At waterframe, we adapt the same concept. Two pre-casted types are used; one part “A” for the pool end, and another part “B” for the pool extension.
If two ends are joined together they will make a small pool or a Jacuzzi. Longer pools will be done by adding different “B” parts between the two ends, so a pool of 8m x Xm will be done with two end parts “A” and three middle parts “B”, while different width are always available. Before supplying the pre-casted concrete parts, the location must be leveled and compacted if needed.
The Pre-casted parts equipped with steel reinforcements are joined together at the site by applying special non-shrinking grout between them. This grout will cover the 20 cm steel reinforcement overlapping the connections. Waterproofing Layers will then be applied on joints.
Our parts are casted in smooth steel mold, so plastering is not needed.

After fixing the structure, A direct application of mosaic tiles with special adhesive will begin. (Parts can be also pre-tiled, so only joints will be finalized at site in case of lack of time.)
Border stone will be applied at site according to client choice.
Our parts are equipped with the necessary pipes, tubes, fittings and reservations.
A direct connection for the filter and pump will be later installed according to site location and landscaping.
Prefabricated pools used to be made from fiberglass or liner until costumers started to claim their need for a tiled classy appearance, with more choices in sizes, tiles and colors.
Across Europe, concrete tiled pools are more favored, although it costs more than a fiberglass pool, due to the elevated cost of the manpower for construction, pouring and tiling.
Low manpower cost in Lebanon gives us the opportunity to produce these pools with the same high standards but at a lower cost than fiberglass pools.
However we can always provide fiberglass pools with different shapes upon request, especially for the sites that are not reachable with big cranes.
• To prevent damaging your yard or garden.
• To prevent a minimum time of three months of construction, noise and dust.
• To prevent workers’ coordination nightmare.
• To save your small private world during construction.
• To have your own summer pool in just 10 working days.
Useful notes:
- Concrete prefabricated pool can be “stand alone” and above the ground (wood or stone cover will then be added)
- Small pool as 3m x 2m can be installed in 3 days if it’s done above the ground on a rigid base.
- Concrete pouring, will be done in the factory, the filtration system will be then connected at site.
- Constant water level: 143 cm for overflow system & 133cm for skimmer system.
- External dimensions: (add 20 cm for the floor and 35 cm for the edge tiles.)

- Glass mosaic tiles (light blue) and natural border stone are included in the price.
- If desired, an outer cover can be supplied and it will be priced later according to material choice and pool size.
Your pool will include a filtration system with all necessary accessories as follow:

1- filtration plant (filter + pump)
2- chemical treatment: chlorine tablets
3- pool fitting (inlets, main drain and vaccum point)
4- stainless steel ladder
5- UWL ( under water lights)-qty (according to pool size)
6- control panel
7- maintenance kit
8- hydromassage system, jet pump (optional)
9- installation